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INDUTRAX is a leading provider of Location Aware Software and solutions that enable the combination of various technologies for location, identification and sensing with enterprise logistics and production control systems.

We live up to our motto “We are location” by focusing on solutions in manufacturing and logistics where the capturing of events from movements plays a major role. This differentiates our solutions from conventional Industry 4.0 approaches, which are mostly concerned with the management of stationary machines, devices and detectors.

INDUTRAX has completed over 60 location deployment projects for medium size and enterprise industrial customers such as Volkswagen, Daimler, Magna Steyr and AGCO. We use our experience to deliver best practise solutions and provide ongoing support to our customer’s operations.

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The INDUTRAX applications enable the combination of various technologies for location, identification and sensing with applications for logistics and production control using industry standards. The processes taking place in real-time on the shop floor are mapped to the digital image of the factory, enabling paperless solutions and automation in the sense of Industry 4.0. Various functional components are available for simple and agile implementation of applications for the digitization of processes and workflows.

INDUTRAX and Quuppa have a long-standing technology partnership and numerous joint projects. The Quuppa Intelligent Location System is seamlessly integrated into the INDUTRAX Location Aware Software, providing reliable and precise real-time location data.

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