AirQuay Co,. Ltd.

AirQuay is a leader in the wired/wireless convergence networking in Korea, one of the most technogically advanced and innovative countries in the world.
It provides consulting, system integration (SI) and network integration (NI), maintenance services to enterprises, service providers, finance, education, healthcare, public, retails customers since it was established in 2002.
And powered by the expertise and skills in RTLS/IoT area, it’s offering highly value-added solutions and accelerating the business.
By partnership with global leading companies such as Cisco, AirQuay is supplying a wide variety of networking solutions including WAN, WLAN, Security, Cloud, and Data Center.
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PJ Won
Mobile : 82-10-5479-8056


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Healthcare, Hospitality & Entertainment, Logistics, Manufacturing, Military / Law Enforcement, Retail, Safety & Security, Smart Office, Sports

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