Q17 Locator

Q17 is Quuppa’s Generation Q indoor Locator.

The Q17 boasts a smaller, lighter design with a considerable increase in performance and a variety of other improved hardware components and firmware upgrades. Q17 and Generation Q brings Quuppa, once again to the forefront as the definitive leader in Real-Time Locating Systems.

Quuppa Q17 Locator Product
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    The Q17 brings together an elegant design as well as being significantly smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor, allowing for higher efficiency in delivery.

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    Dual Radio

    The addition of a Dual Radio allows for the potential to wirelessly upgrade firmware for the tags as well as other future features which utilise wireless communication.

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    The Q17 uses a standard Micro-USB port for powering, providing a more streamlined compatibility.

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    Plug & Play Ethernet

    Full duplex, Power Class 1 (Very Low Power) 100Mbit/s Ethernet for faster network connectivity with support for all cable types, enabling plug and play compatibility with all switches.

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    Upgraded Mounting Bracket

    The Q17 includes a simpler and more effective mounting bracket, helping to connect the Locator with considerable ease. Additionally this helps reduce installation time for larger projects.

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    Enhanced Security

    State of the art crypto chip securing the traffic between the Locator and the QPE, authenticated firmware updates, and also allowing isolation mode for deployments in high-security environments.

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    Dust Resistant & Cable Management

    An upgraded design allows for a dust-resistant connection compartment with built in cable management system, also adding to a more sophisticated and sleek product.

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    Future-Proof Technology

    The Q17 provides future compatibility with Quuppa AoD, Bluetooth® 5.1 Standard*, Quuppa Mobile Deployment Tool and potential for wireless Focusing Locators.

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    Multi-Coloured LED

    The upgraded multi-coloured LED allows users to immediately recognise and assess the status of the Locator.

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    QPE & QSP 6.0

    Full integration with Quuppa Software Release 6.0, providing updated software and more features.

*Dependant on implementation of the Bluetooth® 5.1 standard by mobile OS and chip vendors.
Quuppa reserves the right to make any changes to the features of the product at anytime.

Technical Specification

Dimensions 170mm x 170mm x 31mm
Weight 390g
Connectivity Ethernet Connectivity
100Mbit/s Full Duplex
Power 48V PoE (Power over Ethernet)
5V DC (micro USB)
Power Consumption 1W
Operating Temperature 0°C to +60°C
IP Classification IP44
q17 technical drawing

How to get started

The Quuppa Development Kit is meant to be used for evaluating the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™, studying system integration feasibility, and building software applications and services for demonstration purposes.

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