Quuppa Q35 Locator

Accurate tracking in the most challenging environments. The Quuppa Q35 Locator is the newest addition to the Generation Q product family, designed for use in more challenging, industrial & outdoor environments.

Quuppa Q35 Locator

Track more objects than ever before

  • High data throughput
  • Overall hardware performance improvements

Sub-meter accuracy from a longer range

  • Optimised omnidirectional antenna array
  • Angular resolution to a fraction of a degree
  • Optimal for high spaces (over 6m in height)

Easier deployments & installation

  • Standard VESA 200 mounting bracket
  • LED indicator light
  • Lightweight hardware (~1300g)

A system built to last

  • Dual radio to enable support for future features
  • Comprehensive environmental testing
  • Cross-project flexibility (move locators between projects)
  • Compatible with SW v7.0 or newer (software features, offline module + more)

Operates in any environment

  • Indoor, outdoor and anything in between – IP66 Classification
  • Radio filtering characteristics enables coexistence with LTE mobile networks.
  • Extraction valve for sustainable performance in extreme conditions
  • Durable against heavy impact, salt-laden environments & UV exposure
  • Diverse operational temperature range (-20°C…+60°C)

Technical Specification

Dimensions ⌀342mm x 55mm
Weight 1300g
Connectivity Ethernet Connectivity
100Mbit/s Full Duplex
Power 48V PoE (Power over Ethernet)
5V DC (micro USB)
Power Consumption 1W
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
IP Classification IP66

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