Q17 Locator

Q17 is Quuppa’s Generation Q indoor Locator.

The Q17 boasts a smaller, lighter design with a considerable increase in performance and a variety of other improved hardware components and firmware upgrades. Q17 and Generation Q brings Quuppa, once again to the forefront as the definitive leader in Real-Time Locating Systems.


The Q17 brings together an elegant design as well as being significantly smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor, allowing for higher efficiency in delivery.

Dual Radio

The addition of a Dual Radio allows for the potential to wirelessly upgrade firmware for the tags as well as other future features which utilise wireless communication.


The Q17 uses a standard Micro-USB port for powering, providing a more streamlined compatibility.

Plug & Play Ethernet

Full duplex, Power Class 1 (Very Low Power) 100Mbit/s Ethernet for faster network connectivity with support for all cable types, enabling plug and play compatibility with all switches.

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