The Quuppa hardware selection includes Locators and Tags. In this section, you will find information about the following topics:

  • Q17 Locator - The Q17 is the first Locator from Quuppa’s Generation Q product line. It boasts a smaller, lighter design for use in office and similar environments.
  • Q35 Locator - The Q35 is the latest addition to the Generation Q product line. The Q35 is designed for use in industrial and outdoor environments.
  • QT1-1 Tag - The Quuppa QT1-1 Tag is designed to be easily attached to a person or object. It is lightweight, waterproof, shockproof and IP67 classified, houses a 3-axis accelerometer, a programmable button and an LED.
  • QT1 Tag Module - The Quuppa QT1 Module is a PCB-module to be integrated into custom designed mechanics or other devices. You can find the QT1 inside many of our Partner's tags, as well as our own QT1-1 Tag.
  • Quuppa Tag Design Principles - When developing Quuppa trackable tags, it is important to apply certain design principles to the tag design, to ensure that they can provide good performance when used together with the Quuppa system. The aim of this document is to take a deep-dive into the details of these design principles.