QT1 Tag Module Product Specification

Product Specification

Quuppa QT1 (Quuppa Tag Module) is part of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System. Other parts of the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System are Quuppa Locators and Quuppa Positioning Engine software. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System allows you to locate and track any objects equipped with Quuppa Tags in an environment equipped with Quuppa Locators.
Brand name: Quuppa
Product name: Tag Module
Model number: QT1
Purpose: Quuppa QT1 is a RF transceiver PCB module using the 2.4 GHz frequencies
Dimensions: 26.6 mm × 24.5 mm × 1.7 mm
Weight: 1.5g
IP Protection Class: N/A
Operating temp. range: −30°C ... +85°C
Storage temp. range: −30°C ... +85°C
Radio: nRF52832 Bluetooth SoC by Nordic Semiconductor
Radio transmission: Bi-directional
Number of channels:

81 channels (1 MHz) but only one at a time

(for Japan 80 channels)

Carrier frequencies:

2401 2402 … 2408 2481 MHz

(for Japan: 2402 … 2408 2481 MHz)

Modulation: GFSK
Max Output Power: 2.5 mW
Antenna: Integrated printed IFA antenna with 0dBi gain
Antenna connector: N/A
Power supply: External 3.0 V power supply (not included)
Charger / Adapter: N/A
Certifications: CE, Japan, FCC, IC, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Brazil
Functionality: Button, LED, Accelerometer, I/O pins for connecting simple peripherals, compatible with Quuppa firmware library
Important: Quuppa devices should only be used in environments that fit the conditions listed in the above table. Exposure to more stress (e.g. operating the device in higher than recommended temperatures) may affect the reliability of the device or even cause permanent damage to the device.