Safety Information

Observe the following safety guidelines when installing Quuppa LD-7L.

  • To prevent any damage to the Quuppa LD-7L, do not attempt to open the device or remove the vent plugs.

  • Only a qualified service technician should install or service the Quuppa LD-7L. Faulty installation or service may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty which may apply to Quuppa LD-7L.

  • End users should remember that the Quuppa LD-7L is comprised of complex technical equipment that requires professional installation using special tools and expert know-how.

  • Instructions given in this guide are general guidelines that apply to the installation of Quuppa LD-7L. However, due to the wide variety of installation environments and mounting surfaces, this guide cannot cover the individual technical requirements relevant for any particular installation. Consult Quuppa if you are uncertain about an installation in a specific environment.

  • The Quuppa LD-7L is designed to operate with a standard PoE (Power over Ethernet) compatible network connection, such as a PoE Injector or PoE-capable switch, connected at the Ethernet socket. For your safety, and to prevent any damage to the Quuppa LD-7L, only use standard certified PoE network components.

  • When installing the Quuppa LD-7L, make sure the installation surface can safely carry the weight of the equipment and possible wind loads.

  • Your service technician or dealer may be able to provide you with information on alternatives for mounting the equipment suitably in different types of environments.

  • Do not smoke when installing the equipment. Make sure there is no source of fire or flame nearby.

  • Make sure all cables are placed so that they will not be subject to mechanical wear and tear.