5 August 2021

Leogistics & Quuppa Enable Automated Yard Management Through Smart Equipment Tracking

The partners expand the leading industrial yard management platform myleo / yard with real-time asset tracking and a range of optimization and automation capabilities.

Leogistics GmbH, a leading provider of digital and automated yard management, is developing myleo / yard, a highly innovative yard management platform for controlling and optimizing all yard activities in a wide range of industries. The focus is on the automation of site and container management processes. Thanks to a new partnership with Quuppa, companies using the system can now see exactly where each resource is located at any time. leogistics provides the process know-how as well as planning, operational and analytical tools that enable companies to analyze and optimize all of their processes; Quuppa contributes the intelligent tracking hardware that combines the advantages of Bluetooth® Direction Finding with proprietary technology to provide an accurate location for tracked items. With this cooperation, the myleo / dsc logistics platform is taking a further leap forward in its development towards a comprehensive ecosystem, which with its interfaces is open to a wide range of IoT scenarios and offers technology partners numerous opportunities to generate synergies.

“Yard management of the future is digitalized and automated. In order to live up to the claim of myleo / dsc to become the leading supply chain management platform, we now not only enable asset tracking using Quuppa, but also cooperate with all connected business partners and systems for optimized control of a wide variety of yard processes,”

André Käber, CEO leogistics GmbH.

Quuppa provides valuable data about equipment locations on site

It is often unclear where equipment or loading devices are currently located at the plant premises or in the warehouse. The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful one-size-fits-all technology platform that uses a combination of Direction Finding methods and advanced proprietary algorithms to track objects and equipment in near real-time with an accuracy of less than one meter. Quuppa is a leading provider of Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) with more than 2600 deployments in over 55 countries and over 200 partners worldwide. From the information on how tracked objects move across the terrain and how long they stay in each location, Quuppa’s Positioning Engine can create detailed location profiles. With the help of the myleo / yard smart tools and apps, the yard management module of myleo / dsc, companies can use this information to identify process bottlenecks and to streamline critical processes in plant logistics.

“We are happy to start this partnership and looking forward to developing our business in a wide range of industries together with leogistics”

Thomas Hasselman, Chief Marketing Officer at Quuppa

With real-time data to the automated yard of the future

The new partner solution allows the physical world to be digitized. Through this approach, leogistics, together with partners such as Quuppa, creates an ecosystem that enables customers to understand, improve and automate their processes in the shortest possible time. This is achieved through intuitive workflows and flexible management options in the cloud solution. The most efficient use of MAFI towing vehicles, transfer vehicles or forklifts through continuous route optimization and order allocation are just a few examples of the numerous possibilities of optimization and automation based on real-time data within myleo / dsc. This is supported by various operational apps, seamless integration with Quuppa and, last but not least, the in-depth process expertise of leogistics GmbH.

myleo / dsc not only offers extensive and already preconfigured business processes and reporting, but is also very easy to integrate, customize and extend in system landscapes and partner solutions. This makes extremely short project runtimes possible – even for complex requirements, the initial investment in terms of implementation costs is reduced to a minimum. 

Track and manage equipment, containers, and more using myleo / dsc

Quuppa’s tags can be attached to any object such as forklifts – or even a wide variety of loading equipment such as IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), drums or pallets – and work reliably even in challenging conditions. Once installed, the system typically requires no physical maintenance and sends a notification if it needs attention. Thus, using Quuppa’s RTLS technology and the new myleo / empties container management solution, companies using returnable containers can gain high process and location-based visibility over their cargo carriers. The new module of myleo / dsc provides a clear management of load carriers in the form of container accounts that can be transparently balanced between supply chain partners. Based on geofences and position-accurate tracking, automated bookings in the yard are possible as well.

Smart container management using sensor technology and IoT

Asset tracking and container management offer enormous potential for IoT projects. In the future, devices or containers equipped with intelligent sensor technology will independently communicate their contents, location as well as environmental influences and thus make a valuable contribution to quality management. If a container has been filled at the supplier, the integrated sensor sends data to the myleo / dsc. This includes the unique ID number, location, time stamp, contents and fill level as well as temperature and humidity of the environment. If the container detects that it has been exposed to harmful environmental influences during transport, it issues an appropriate warning. This makes it easier to monitor the quality of the goods during transport. 

About mycleo / dsc

myleo / dsc, a product of leogistics GmbH, is a digital platform for site and transport logistics. The device-independent cloud solution covers yard management and supply control, real-time transportation tracking, appointment scheduling and container management from a single source - both as individual components and for holistic mapping of digital business processes in relation to logistics. The myleo / dsc connects producers, suppliers, stores, locations and freight forwarders with each other, creating an innovative supply chain network. In order to provide the best possible solution for our clients, myleo / dsc relies on real-time data as well as state-of-the-art technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Internet of Things when required. More information at www.myleodsc.com

About leogistics GmbH

leogistics GmbH creates unique and future-proof logistics solutions for its clients. Quality, service and the ability to innovate are at the heart of everything the company does. They challenge the status quo of supply chain management and, as strategic partners to their clients, prove time and again that it is possible to improve any process.

With leogistics’ ideas and software offerings, the company is transforming the world of transportation management as well as plant, rail and warehouse logistics. On our way, they leave well-trodden standard paths wherever necessary and, together with their clients, redefine their supply chain operations from start to finish. With business process and application consulting in the SAP environment on the one hand and myleo / dsc, their cloud platform for plant and transport logistics, on the other, leogistics is already shaping the future of logistics today. In doing so, they draw on state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, AI and Machine Learning. leogistics GmbH is a subsidiary of cbs Corporate Business Solutions Unternehmensberatung GmbH and is part of the Materna Group. More information at www.leogistics.com.

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