Key Contacts

Sammy Loitto


Kimmo Kalliola

Co-Founder / Board Member

Thomas Hasselman

Thomas Hasselman

Chief Sales Officer

Fabio Belloni

Chief Growth Officer

Antti Kainulainen

Chief Technology Officer

Marko Kuhta

Director of Finance & Operations

Kai Erlund

Chief Legal Officer

Sari Arjamo-Tuominen

Chief Marketing Officer

Kalle Korhonen

Kalle Korhonen

Chief Product Officer


Mikko Saarikko

VP Sales, Europe

Tom Ruth

VP Sales, Americas

Diego Mejia

Sales Director,

Yang Luo

Sales Manager, Japan & Korea

David Sheng

Sales Director, China

Patrick Ou

Sales Manager, China

Jukka Sintonen

Sales Manager,
Australia & NZ

Deepak Belani

Sales Manager,
MEA & India

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