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Quuppa RTLS is a
Game-changer for
Industry 4.0

Track any part of your processes - at any time.
Real-time visibility of your manufacturing and logistics operations gives you greater control to do what you do better, faster and safer.

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Quuppa’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform gives you a full view of every detail of your production process, allowing you to see precisely when, where and why problems arise – in real-time. Armed with this actionable data, you have the power to optimise processes immediately to make your business safer, more efficient and more profitable.

3 Key Benefits of RTLS in Industry 4.0

A Safer Workplace

Knowing the exact location of all people and machines in real-time has a powerful impact on your business’s ability to prevent and respond to emergency situations.

  • Alert workers of likely collisions with machinery.
  • Warn workers that they are entering a high-risk zone.
  • Check whether a worker is wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when they enter the site.

  • Send alerts when an accident happens with man-down detection.
  • Monitor a worker’s vital signs to assess their need for medical attention.
  • Identify which workers are present at evacuation assembly points and who may still be in the evacuated area.
  • Reduce rescue times by knowing the exact location of workers.

Quuppa RTLS can be used to manage the challenges of COVID-19 in industrial environments:

    • Social distancing
    • Contact tracing
    • Quarantine monitoring
    • Hand hygiene compliance


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More Efficient Processes

Easily identify inefficiencies by being able to track and monitor everything and everyone in your production process, at any time.

  • Know where products are at all times – from presence to positioning.
  • Run quicker, automated inventory counts & find misplaced products immediately.

  • Store all product and order information digitally, without the need for time-consuming paperwork.

  • Identify unnecessarily long queuing of unfinished products with work-in-progress tracking.

  • Ensure sub-contractor SLAs are being honoured.

  • See where time is wasted on routes typically taken by workers and how system layouts can be improved.

More Profitable Business

The control that RTLS gives you to see, plan and optimise your processes is a game changer for boosting your bottom line.

  • Manage maintenance more accurately based on usage, rather than time intervals.

  • Automated processes reduce manpower needs.
  • Save on costly, labour intensive audits.

  • More accurate planning and control means less wastage of time, inventory and resources.
  • Optimised processes mean more consistent output.

  • Send maintenance to machines quicker by knowing their exact locations.
  • Identify and resolve hold ups in your production line immediately.

  • Know when process deviations happen to catch errors before products reach your customers.
  • Monitor whether the right people are using the right tools for the job.

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Download Our Exclusive Guide on RTLS for Industry 4.0

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Our industry-leading solution partners leverage Quuppa RTLS technology to deliver a range of indoor positioning solutions that can transform your manufacturing and logistics.  

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Affordable Tags,
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Tags have a key role in RTLS performance. They need to be rugged, have versatile mounting methods and a high-performing, omnidirectional radiating antenna that can cope with the many obstacles in the industry environment. Our partner tags are rigorously tested to meet the highest standards and are more affordable than hardware needed for systems using other technologies

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Our Partners choose Quuppa RTLS platform because it’s highly accurate, versatile, scalable, seamless and open.

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