Save Lives with Real-time Location System (RTLS) in Healthcare

Monitoring real-time location of every patient, doctor and assets through RTLS empowers hospitals to respond faster, operate smoother and care for patients better.

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Quuppa’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) platform lets you monitor every movement of every patient, doctor, machine and medication – in real time. This gives you meticulous control to make your hospital safer, processes run smoother, and let the right people know exactly when and where they’re needed to protect and save more patients’ lives.

3 key benefits of RTLS in Healthcare

Faster & better care

RTLS technology helps get the right medical staff and equipment to the right patients exactly when they need it.

  • Patients can call for help from anywhere in the facility with an assistance button on their wearable device. 
  • Staff can immediately call for reinforcements with their device.
  • See the location of patients and staff immediately with sub-meter accuracy.

  • Medical staff quickly and easily locating equipment can make a life-saving difference in an emergency.

  • Devices can alert staff immediately if a patient falls or leaves their bed against doctor’s orders.

  • Track how long patients have been waiting to monitor their condition and prioritize them if needed.

Faster and better care Quuppa RTLS
Safer patient & staff - Quuppa RTLS

Safer patients & staff

Monitoring the exact locations within your healthcare facility gives you more control to protect patients from infection, manage covid-19 compliance and enforce strict security.

  • Social distancing: Get alerted if any people in the building get too close.
  • Contact tracing: Easily trace the contact and location history of employees in the case of infection with live and recorded data.
  • Hand hygiene compliance: Closely monitor hand hygiene to make employees more accountable and compliant.
  • Quarantine monitoring: Monitor activity within quarantine zones and trigger immediate alerts if patients breach boundaries.

  • Grant or deny access using tags on staff ID badges. 
  • Automatically open doors for authorized staff as they approach.
  • Reduce child abductions by only allowing the right combination of caregiver and child to leave the maternity ward.

  • Easily track patients with wearable devices to make sure they don’t wander into unsafe areas. 

Smooth & cost-effective

Insights from real-time tracking can help you focus your time and money where it matters the most and create streamlined processes for happier and more productive medical staff.

  • Know the exact location of people and assets to take the most direct route to them.
  • Direct visitors to patients on their mobile device or on digital signs.
  • Create a better flow of patients throughout the hospital.

  • Alert nurses on their mobile devices of what needs to be done instead of them having to check charts.

  • Automate inventory counts.
  • Alert staff of upcoming medication expiry dates.
  • Monitor and maintain optimal temperatures for medication.
  • Scan crash carts to see immediately if all necessary items are there.

  • See where workflows, layouts and other systems can be improved.

  • Prevent losing and having to replace costly assets.
  • Monitor all rented assets in the building like beds to avoid over ordering.

  • Monitor and maintain promised level of patient care.
  • Get detailed reports on amount and frequency of patient care.

Smooth and cost effective processes Quuppa RTLS

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Find out how the University of Fukui Hospital increased hand hygiene compliance while attending to patients by more than 300% utilising RTLS technology.

Use case

Find out how the use of accurate and reliable RTLS technology can help to combat the spread of viruses through its applications for social distancing, contact tracing and process monitoring.

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Tags with a seamless fit for smart hospitals

Tags play a crucial role in the performance of your hospital’s location tracking system.

Our partner tags are:

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2. Small enough for patients and staff to wear or carry.

And we test them rigorously to make sure they meet our strict high-performance standards.

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