Reset Q17 Focusing Locator into a Normal Locator

Any Quuppa Q17 Locator can be reconfigured to work as a Focusing Locator and then reset back into a normal Locator. The instruction below will walk you through the process of turning a Q17 Focusing Locator into a normal Locator.

  1. Power the Focusing Locator that you want to reconfigure into a normal Locator.
    Note: For example, you can power the Locator via USB either directly from your laptop or using a USB hub.
  2. Press and hold the reset button until the indicator light first shows a long green light and then turns red. You will need a small pin or similar object to reach the reset button.

  3. The Locator will reboot. This is indicated by the Locator’s reboot sequence, where the indicator light blinks red, green and blue once.
  4. Once the reboot is completed, the Locator’s indicator light will show a static red light to indicate that it is now configured as a normal Locator.