Using RTLS to help combat COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on society has and will continue to transform the way we work, interact and live. The use of accurate and reliable RTLS technology can help us to combat the spread of such viruses through its applications for social distancing, contact tracing and process monitoring.

Social Distancing

Use real-time location tracking to view wearable tag data & ensure social distancing is being adhered to.

Contact Tracing

View both live & recorded playback data to trace contact and location history of tags for contact tracing.

Quarantine Monitoring

Test, Trace and Isolate. Use geo-fencing and smart zones to monitor activity areas & send alerts where required.

Hand Hygiene Compliance

Use smart-zone technology & dynamic workflows to report & ensure accountability, traceability & compliance.

Unlocking Lockdown: RTLS for COVID-19 Exit Strategies

Our Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology is already being used in workplaces and hospitals to get the society’s wheels back in motion. Let me share with you a few practical examples about how RTLS works in unlocking the lockdown.

RTLS Capabilities

Sub-Meter Accuracy

Achieve up to a sub-meter level of accuracy using precise location data.

Real-Time Location

Visualise and display the location of a wearable or asset tag in real-time.

Trace Location History

View recorded playback data to visualise the location history of multiple tags.

IoT Gateway

Monitor a variety of other Bluetooth enabled devices such as heart rate monitors, temperature sensors etc.

Long Battery Life

Bluetooth Low Energy tags can provide provide considerably long battery lifetime.

Open API

Easyily integrate into existing systems with pull or push APIs, that offer standard JSON/REST or CSV formats.


Industry 4.0

Leveraging Real-Time Location to Improve & Protect your Operation


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Smart Buildings

How technology can help us build trust as we get back to the office

Industry 4.0

ThinkIn Solutions for COVID19 Emergency

Industry 4.0

Improving Manufacturing Processes Using Location


Innovation, New Partnerships & Opportunities in Healthcare


Tracking technology to enhance sports experience & provide a safer environment

Industry 4.0

Maximizing Efficiency and Employee Safety with Real Time Location Services

RTLS for Healthcare

Location-based solutions in the healthcare sector provide a wide range of benefits, from improving the patient experience, driving efficiencies in clinical staff workflows, to ensuring regulatory compliance, hand hygiene compliance guidelines, saving lives and more.

Solution Partners

RTLS solutions for tackling COVID-19 use cases:
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