20 January 2016

Case Study: NAVIGINE, Promotion at a Skating Rink

By using Quuppa technology platform, Navigine, Mobecan & Great Advertising Group created an impressive skating rink installation at Sokolniki park in Moscow. On Sokolniki skating rink 50 skates were equipped with a small Quuppa Tag. Then using a special web-portal and a smartphone, users could draw their own funny figures by moving on the rink. Most interesting selected tracks were shown on a large screen in a real time mode. Watch this amazing video!

Some technical details:

  • Four Quuppa outdoor Locators were installed around the rink (5000 m2)
  • System worked in fully autonomous mode during the 15 days the project was ongoing
  • Operating temperature limit was -25°C
  • Special data collecting mechanism was developed and installed on a Quuppa server
  • Up to 25 tags were in view simultaneously
  • A special smoothing algorithm was created in order to offer better user experience
  • Web-portal was deployed in a cloud
  • Each user was authorized on a portal using a Tag number and phone number
  • During the session skaters were able to draw, erase, make pauses and publish track results via social networks

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