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Mizkan Museum


Mizkan Group, established in 1804, is the number one sushi seasoning supplier in the world. The Mizkan Museum (MIM) is an interactive museum where visitors can learn about the company’s history as a vinegar manufacturer, and about the charm of Japanese food.


Mizkan Museum always aims to perfect user experiences for visitors touring around the museum. In the past, there were tour guides showing visitors around. With the introduction of Mizkan’s free tour in their “Room of Earth”, the museum looked for solutions to make the individuals’ journey more seamless and effortless without the tour guides. Additionally, they hoped to learn more about the movements of its visitors to improve the museum’s analytics and performance.


Mizkan museum chose the app-based tour guide solution which is integrated by Kokosai Kogyo and powered by Quuppa’s indoor positioning technology. This solution met two key requirements of the museum:

  • High accuracy positioning
  • Compatibility with smartphones

In addition, it allows the museum to monitor the devices and control the sensors easily.

To implement the solution, a network of Quuppa Locators was installed onto the ceiling of the museum to track smartphones via the application. The location data for smartphones is instantly sent to the system which then activates relevant audio-visual information. Presenting real-time data is crucial for the museum to ensure smooth visitor experiences.


Using just a smartphone and the museum application, visitors now can freely wander around the museum without tour guides and get the automatic audio-visual guidance information immediately for the objects that are nearby or the zones they enter. They can keep their tour flexible and enjoy the exhibition to it’s full potential in a modern way.


The next steps for Mizkan museum are to further develop the solution based on Quuppa technology so that the museum can record the walking path of the visitors. This enables them to learn which exhibition areas or objects are most popular and then further optimise the exhibition flows and attractions.

Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. (KKC), part of the Japan Asia Group, has introduced new products in its location-based service (LBS) platform, providing infrastructure for seamless positioning both indoors and outdoors, and for various types of visualizations, ranging from exhibition realtime matching and factory productivity improvement to disaster prevention information.

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“This technology enables us to create unique experiences based on the movement of people in our museum. The user experience is truly great.”

MIM Project Manager
Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd

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