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Founded in 1926, since 1946, Ducati has built racing inspired motorcycles characterized by performing “desmodromics” engines, innovative design and cutting edge technology. True icons of “made in Italy”, Ducati’s motorcycles are sold in over 80 countries worldwide.


Ducati needed to identify motocycles in their warehouses. In particular, it was necessary to be able to optimally manage the dressing, storage and shipment of a large number of motorcycles.

The motorcycles, positioned on the ground, individually or on shelves and stored in crates or cradles for shipment, had to be individually identified for processing and handling. Finally, the staff had to identify each individual motorbike by visually checking the VIN code, which was time consuming.

Having tested various technologies, Ducati began looking for a solution that could meet these needs.


Ducati found in BlueGPS, H&S Custom and Quuppa system together the solution capable of identify and real-time locate motocycles present in the warehouse. The system allows optimizing costs and processes and providing a complete and flexible system in combination with Quuppa technologies.

The BlueGPS platform with Quuppa advanced systems allows the motorbike-tag association by smartphone and the monitoring of the entire process.


The leading company in motorcycles is now able to identify and monitor real- time motorcycles, search through mobile app VIN codes and locate their position in warehouses. Moreover, real-time inventory is carried out. Ducati has now the possibility to receive alerts every time in which an irregular process verifies.


Ducati is satisfied by the results: the process optimization is promising. Warehouse and plant management will continue to be improved also thanks to the data generated by the BlueGPS-Quuppa system.

Ducati is evaluating to extend the project to other countries.

While Ducati’s journey may have begun in Italy, it has proceeded all around the world. While the bulk of our production activities are still carried out in Borgo Panigale, the desire to improve the Brand’s competitiveness has even driven us to expand to some of the most complex markets.

Ducati also has ten subsidiaries representing the company all over the world. Each subsidiary is tasked with developing its reference market and coordinating a wide-reaching sales and customer support network that covers 92 Countries, amounting to a total of 790 dealers and service points.

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BlueGPS for Automotive is an all- in-one low code platform for smart factory.

BlueGPS is agnostic and flexible: the system is composed of a single platform accessible from a suite of connected tools and touchpoints.

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