Bornemann AG Partners with World Leading Location Technology Platform Provider Quuppa


Bornemann AG, a hightech company for innovative telematics and sensor solutions from Germany, chooses Finnish technology provider Quuppa’s indoor positioning technology.

The Quuppa Intelligent Locating System™ is a powerful platform for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Bornemann AG was especially impressed by the reliable sub-meter accuracy and millisecond latency offered by the system. More than 6 million square metres worldwide are already covered by the Quuppa technology and due to the combination of cost-effectiveness, reliability, and performance the technology is used across different industries. From manufacturing and healthcare to retail and security.

“The use of Quuppa is trend-setting and offers various advantages over traditional location technologies, especially when it comes to indoor positioning. Real-time positioning not only reduces search times, but also optimises material flows. It’s great that we at Bornemann AG can now offer our customers this RTLS technology. This shows once again that we are forward-thinking and support innovation. It’s the only way to realise the digitisation strategies of our customers.”

Lars Bornemann, CEO and Founder of Bornemann AG.- Developer

Bornemann AG is an expert in tailored sensor solutions. These solutions can track the condition and content of assets in real time. Now, with the addition of the Quuppa technology, the systems can also provide the exact location of these assets. Thanks to the modular design of the Bornemann Cloud, the presentation of the collected data is easy and clear. Quuppa is the perfect complement to the existing Bornemann AG offering as the open API and easy scalability of the Quuppa system facilitates its integration into both existing and future systems.

There are many use cases for RTLS. Assets such as tools and machines can be tracked, processes can be optimised and workers can be warned of dangers in real time. The healthcare industry has been aware of the many advantages of using RTLS for some time: the Bornemann solutions for example offer modern sensor technologies that support the automated tracking of medical equipment, as well as the inexpensive and smooth process optimisation.

“The innovative sensor solutions by Bornemann AG and our Quuppa system are an excellent combination. We are looking forward to covering even more square metres in the DACH region with our Quuppa technology.”

Thomas Hasselman, Chief Sales Officer Quuppa- Developer

Together, Bornemann AG and Quuppa will make the daily business processes more efficient with location technology to save resources and costs for the end customer in a sustainable way. 

Did you know?

Quuppa is the leading RTLS platform for indoor positioning


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